Bluebells and magnolias.

Hello, everyone !
What a lovely thought and vision.! Bluebells and magnolias…. Yes, the bluebells on the ridge are beautiful and the magnolia tree has been Superb. now , sadly , less blooms.
We are having fun with our cleaners and gardeners. The recent ones have been VERY short-lived.Hopefully , the new cleaners will come up to scratch and my new gardener….well, he seems to know what he is talking about. And Ben…. well, Ben is Ben. Totally reliable.
In fact he is here now, mowing the paddock.
He laid some chatter on the track two weeks ago, so it is a smoother ride now, until the local farmer starts taking his vehicles across it. Ah, well…
The Bakewell Baking festival judge enjoyed her stay here, with her family, and hopes to return.
The people who couldn’t get in at Easter because of the snow, came to stay at Whitsuntide. Very happy !!.
Visitors are returning for 2nd and 3rd visits, which is very encouraging. Thank you, Emma, Alan, Christopher, Richard, Julie Much appreciated. Julie spent 2 hours trying to identify a bird whilst sipping her coffee.( We have a new Tassimo coffee machine ).Eventually identified it via the Internet, so, I have put my Bird Book into the apartment for Guests’ use. My husband gave it to me when we moved here in 1981.
The bbq and chiminiere hasn’t seen much use yet. Hopefully the weather will improve for guests soon.
The YNot Music festival, Bakewell and Ashover Shows are in August. The Buxton festival is on now and the Gilbert and Sullivan event is in July and August. The 40’s Weekends are the 1st and 2nd week-ends in August, and of coarse , the Well-dressings, Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Kedleston Hall Calke Abbey….so many things to do and see including the local villages Wakes and Fetes…
I have lots of plants to put in , and fences to paint ( never ending ), so , I had best get on…Don’t forget, check out the offers for the Summer, and returning guests…remember your Loyalty discount..
Talk soon, and have a lovely few weeks with LOTS of sun.
Take care, Chris.