ALMOST Christmas !

Hello,hello,hello !!! Are you ready for Christmas and Santa Clause ? If you are,you are more organized than me..
Lots of things happening ‘family- wise’. My eldest son Christopher has gone to live and work in Australia,near Melbourne. Sooooo,you can imagine how I’m feeling.The empty nest syndrome a little bit late..but ,he is following his dream, and that is what we bring them up to do,isn’t it? But,oh, it’s difficult…!But ,what else is happening here at the Secret? Christmas trees up, and decorations. Feeling cold but cosy and warm inside.The high winds of late caused some trees to fall down and traffic on the lanes was a bit disrupted,but all is back to normal now. Work on the ground floor apartment,the Haven, is coming on apace.Walls to be knocked thru’ to make a door,tiles and wood to be laid for the floor,wood panels for the walls, and new kitchen to be put in.Then to all the furnishings…Then,if someone wants to bring their dog to stay,they will e able to do so. SO….watch this space for opening day.All is quiet in the garden and along the track,and now and again we have some superb sunny days.Portent of things to come hopefully.
I have some vacancies for Christmas and New Year.( and Valentine’sDay ) Don’t forget your loyalty Discount
Prices are reduced for next season to reflect problems with the economy, but the Peak Serenity quality remains of the same high standard.
Don’t forget the Bakewell Cooking Festival will be happening again in June,and NEW for 2014….
the Tour de France Cycle Race is coming through Bakewell…So,BOOK your vantage place now..
Hope to talk with you soon…Will we have snow before Christmas???
If so,take care,drive safely and stay warm ( despite the energy price hikes . )