Cold Winter days, cosy inside house !!!

Hello, everyone ! Don’t know what happened with last month’s post. Sorry !   VERY cold here, today. Winter has DEFINATELY come ! Time to stay indoors, warm those toes and think about next year’s hols.Where to go…. overseas or this country ??? Well, when the weather smiles on us, there is  nowhere better than the UK.

So, what is happening here at Serenity?  The garden has been put to bed, and we are waiting for Ben to come and put the Christmas lights above the doors and on the tree outside. (End of next week ). I must decorate the apartment and make all things ready for the Christmas break…put the trees up and decorate them and all things like that.

Some returning guests are booked in for Christmas, but New Year is available for booking.

The weather is a bit dismal, but, hey,  who cares…Christmas is coming.

I’ll talk with you soon, it’s Recycling rubbish collection day tomorrow…That is another story altogether here in the Elton area.. Major problems with the Waste collection company..

See you soon,… bye !!