Misty, mysterious November.Swirling mists or covering the ground like a blanket !!! If you are driving in these conditions, take care…The trees are bare, all the fruit has been collected, and the bushes pruned.
Garden in the process of being tidied….hey ho.. Not enough hours… and now the days are shorter.
I planted a beautiful cotoneaster bush in the Paddock on Tuesday, lpts of berries for the birds, fantastic…
Then yesterday, Wednesday, the deer decimated the Mahonia japonica on the bank. Totally stripped the bark and broke off all the branches and leaves… What to do aboutthe deer… Any ideas? My guests, Max and Ellen ( their 3rd visit) and I were only admiring it 2 weeks ago.. Oh dear….
Ben is painting weather boards for my newly painted barn doors and putting a protective cover over the electrics store on Saterday.
We are also hoping to put the Christmas lights up along the front of the barn and in the tree, ready to switch on next weekend. I must get the Christmas trees ready also and put them in the Secret, the Barn and also , this year, a small one for the Haven .
Ben is an absolute gem. He is going to chop some wood for my fire indoors.
We had a little problem with the LPG boiler in September, but that is now all corrected and working perfectly. I have some VERY loyal tradesmen here , and they take care of everything.
I am off to buy a TV for the Garden Room tomorrow and get my car fixed in Chesterfield
Talk to you soon with the Secret and the Haven and the Barn all dressed for Christmas.