October!! Autumn at last!!!

And..what a month!! A few weeks ago my eldest son told me he was getting married…on October 21st….What a LOVELY surprise,and to a lovely lady,too.So,LOTS of excitement and preparations.The reception was held here,in the Barn….!
Well,the wedding has happened .Been and gone. Wonderful…Great day with great friends and family.
And now,seeing that I have celebrated my 75th birthday and my son’s wedding,I want to include all my past guests in my happiness.So…as well as the 10% discount you receive as a returning guest,I would like to give you a further 10% discount.and probably a little something extra too!!
So,come and see us again soon!!!
Weather here is good for Autumn,cold, sunny at times and crisp.Some high winds…foretaste of Winter ???
Not good weather for cutting the Paddock grass,but Ben is ever hopeful.Geranium cuttings taken in for Winter,and things are slowing down for the Winter,but bookings still coming in.
Christmas and New Year are available .( I must sort out the decorations soon )
Moby,the dog, is still with me,but my grand-daughter says she wants him back after Christmas. I’m hoping she will change her mind, I’ve got used to having him around.
I’ll say ‘good-night; now…it’s rather late.
So,take care and stay safe till next time….Christine