Post Jubilee.

Well…. Did you enjoy the Jubilee ? I  did, despite the horrible weather on the day of the Pageant.

And,…why,oh why did they not encourage the  Queen and Prince Phillip to sit down and to wrap up with a cloak or blankets, and to have  some  comfort breaks.It was FAR TOO LONG to expect them to stand for that length of time. No wonder Prince Phillip became ill .But at least he is now out of hospital for his birthday.  But isn’t the Queen magnificent..What  a lady.!!!

Elton street party was postponed, but held with great gusto on Monday.

Are you coming to the Well-dressings, or Bakewell  and Youlgrave Carnivals, or Winster Wakes, or the Y-NOT Music festival  or  the Bakewell Show at the beginning of August? The Buxton Festival is good too.

You have missed Elton John….He is in Chesterfield tonight. Hope the audience don’t get too wet. When he played at Chatsworth a few years ago, it was a total wash-out, but  he carried on.! A real trouper!!!

Now,what is happening here?  Ben has replaced the roof on my shed and has put a new door on to keep the wind out. Grass in the Paddock is growing apace and we can’t cut it or the lawns yet, with all this rain.But I’m planting geraniums and nasturtiums and other good things ,some runner beans too,  and the gardener is planting perennials,and trying to keep the weeds at bay ( with limited success.)

Our Australian visitors had a wonderful time exploring the Peaks , visiting Chatsworth and  going to lots of Antique fairs . The weather was VERY kind to them… And this week, well, the weather has been atrocious, and is still pretty wet.

But , not to worry.It’s warm and cosy in the Secret. I think my guests have taken their little boy  to the Donkey Sanctuary,  and the Owl and Otter  Centre today near Chapel-en-le-Frith

The rest of June and July is pretty busy, but do phone and see if we have  vacancies. If we cannot accommodate you, maybe one of our friends can.

No wandering peacocks or lost and trapped  sheep to contend with this time.But now that  we have planted flowers, the deer and marauding sheep will probably pay us a visit.  The poppies and teazles seem to have re-appeared, which is quite lovely as the poppies were magnificent last year and I thought  I had lost them .

Well ,I am working on a new Data base whilst waiting for customers to visit the Serenity Coffee Shop,so I will finish  now.

Take care, stay safe and dry till next time.