The rain has stopped????

Well,the rain has stopped and  the sun is shining  ( for a while at least )

Ben has been here today, mowing the lawns with his new toy,a ‘sit-on’ lawnmower. It is SO quick. He is silaging tomorrow. He and a friend are   getting the Agriculture Ground ready for Bakewell Show in the next week or so.  Let’s  hope the weather stay dry.

The swallows are doing well, and the deer are claiming their land again and decimating the plants. Ah,well, that’s life.They were here first, I suppose.

It’s Carnival and Well-dressing time still, and the Music Festivals are in abundance. Lots of events were ‘rained-off’,  but the Bakewell  Show usually keeps going, come rain or shine. If you haven’t been to the Show, it is well worth a visit . I think our guests have been before, but I know they will enjoy it again. Lots to see and  do.

My flowers are looking a bit ‘worse for wear’, especially my pansies.!!Don’t know why. Will have to replace them.

Just closed the Serenity Coffee Shop. Quiet day. Now ,going to put the kettle on for a nice, relaxing cup of tea.

Talk soon, so take care.