Hello,everyone. Listening to some beautiful,relaxing music whilst sitting outside sipping coffee and talking with you….Bliss…
Well,what has been happening here at the Secret?? Lots of painting of windowsand fences and getting flower pots ready .Have bought some penstemons and hollyhocks and lots of bedding plants.Must buy some more lavender as well.(to keep the deer from demolishing the plants and the roses.) Wonder if they will leave the geraniums alone this year?
We have a new gardener and cleaner.And Ben,of coarse….He is my stalwart helper as you know.
I have a new phone,Blackberry Z10…my son is trying to sort it out for me,but I think I will have to take it to an Orange shop.
The cowslips are looking beautiful and the rhubarb is growing a treat. I wonder if the guests who are coming next week would like some?
Emma is coming back for another break.Thanks Emma.!
One of the judges of the Bakewell Baking Festival is staying with us on June 7th and 8th.Should be interesting.
The Serenity Coffee Shop is closing for good ,next weekend,so,we are back to peace and seclusion GUARANTEED…Beautiful.
If you like photography,Guy Badham ,Derbyshire Wildlife mag., photographer,is holding a Masterclass ,here,on Wednesday,July 3rd.Cost is very good ..£120-p.p.for the full day,including lunch.Only 6 places available.VERY exclusive,so,hurry if you want to come.Phone me asap.
Well,I think I will go and plant the penstemon now, while the weather is still warm.
Don’t forget to check out the offers page as things are starting to happen now. Well-dressings,car shows,Buxton Festival,music festival,Bakewell, Winster and Youlgrave Carnivals,Bakewell Show in August.Lots and lots….
Stay safe and we’ll talk soon.