More SNOW !!!

Well,how much more snow will there be? We have had the deepest snowfall since we moved to Cliff Farm,in 1981.Snow is 12 inches in my yard,drifting to 3 feet, and along my track and Cliff Lane is impassable due to drifting snow. So deep,the farmers’ diggers are having problems. Guests having difficulty getting in,so,we are re-arranging their dates till the better weather.
What is happening to the flowers and budding trees is any-one’s guess.

I will have to ask Ben to bring some supplies in at the end of the week.
My son tried to get in yesterday.He managed to get to Elton,and then the drifts started. Oh well, I must just stay warm.!

Attended the visitPeakDistrict Conference on Thursday,before the snow came.
Excellent day.

Then the snow came ….
Supposed to be at a Chamber of Commerce meeting at Derby Cricket Club.
Had to cancel. No matter,there will be others.

Going to check the Secret now to make sure everything is working.
See you soon,hopefully with no more snow.

Take care, Chris.