Spring ???

Hello. Beautiful day here.Weather is superb here, and in London today,for the Marathon.Is this a foretaste of Summer? Let’s hope so..
You know that a few weeks ago,Ben put my signs up after the Winter break….Well, the high winds blew them down,so,yes,he has had to put them up again. He has been very busy this week-end.He has cut down a dead eucalyptus tree in the memorial wood, and taken the tops off 2 deodaras. They were getting too tall and I couldn’t manage them.
The quarry is bringing some material to make the track better in the next week or so.
The apartment has had the painters ,painting the ceiling, and my tiler has regrouted the bathrooms.Looks good.
Fences,gates,window frames,doors and summer house have to be painted, AND …of coarse ,the garden.
As for me,well,I have joined a business group called the Entrepreneurs Circle,which should be interesting,and I am creating a V.I.P.package,for that VERY SPECIAL occasion. Phone/email me for details.
Don’t forget to take advantage of your Loyalty Club discount of !0% off your next booking.
Guests have gone off for a Helicopter flight today….What experiences would you like to have? Let me know.
Must go.
Take care and stay safe.