Spring running towards Bank – Holiday andJubilee Day.

Hello,there! What a day !Miserable, wet,dreary,and all words like that….

Ben is  here trying  to paint  the pergola.  Without much luck…I think he should call it a day…

We have some excitement since last I wrote….Some wandering sheep broke into the garden and jumped over the wall into the neighbouring field. 6 of them managed to get trapped between the wall and the barbed wire fence ( not m ine I hasten to add ).No-one claimed responsilbility! They weren’t theirs ! Eventually it was decided to call the police,who told me to contact the RSPCA.Then….2 Fire Brigade rescue 4×4’s, 8 Firemen from  Matlock  station  arrived !!!After releasing the sheep,1 having been sat on by 6 others for 4 hours, they all scampered off into the farmer’s field.

Then,would you believe it,  abeautiful peacock and his mate decided to adopt us for 4 days last weekend.Quite a   spectacle..They have gone back home now…Pity…

We had some  young people staying here recently, celebrating their engagement with a Hot Air Balloon ride from  Tissington.Magical..

The Well-dressing season has started .Youlgrave is happening atthe end of June with it’s Carnival.Bakewell Carnival and Bakewell Show is Aug.1st and 2nd, the Y NOT  Music festival  is also beginning of August.

Lots of Jubilee Day parties happenin g in the villages with lots of festivities.

Lots  of  things to see, visit and do.  Come and experience them..And ,of coarse, there is also the superb   Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall. ( Are you watching the TV series on Chatsworth on Monday evenings?  Very good  )

Must go,the rain is  pouring down and I must send Ben home.

Take care and stay safe, Christine