Spring is coming…

Spring is coming…

Hello, and how are you?? It has been quite a Winter for me. Hospitalised, snow, heating not working , and so on….! But, now, all is well and Spring is in the air.

Hasn’t it been a beautiful day. Sunshine, warmth,, oh, , oh to be in England now that Spring is here !!!.

The gardener is here, sorting things out following the ravages of Winter. The roof blew off one of the out-buildings and Ben has to put another one on. He is coming to start the painting and preparing to mow the Paddock. Everything is starting to happen in preparation for our guests arriving.Easter is looking good, booking-wise, and we have some good people coming from the Netherlands in the Summer.

I have planted a Weeping Cotoneaster in the Paddock. Hopefully the deer will leave it alone and allow it to grow. I wonder which flowers they will choose to eat this year.

Now I am back in harness I will endeavour to talk with you more regularly.

My eldest son , Christopher, has gone to Australia to work. Interesting, to say the least. I was a bit of a ‘mother hen’ , but I have calmed down now, and just excited for him.

Do take care and stay safe.