SPRING has sprung….

Yes…Spring has sprung,and with it has come the rain,the wind and yes,the sun…Hurrah.!! Well, last Sunday we had a foretaste of our summer to come .Fantastic….Oh,oh…here comes the rain again.April showers early,maybe?
But enough of that..The gardener is coming for his 1st visit of the year tomorrow to start tidying and clearing the flower beds of winter debris.
The conversion of the ground floor unit ,the Haven,is coming on apace.We have been asked by so many people if they can bring their dog to the Secret.As you know,this has not been possible,as the Secret is not dog-friendly.BUT the Haven will be.As the unit is on the ground-floor,it is great for those who do not want to climb stairs . So,if the Haven appeals to you,then phone or email me to discuss your requirements.It will hopefully be available at Whitsun tide. Watch this space….
My eldest son has returned from Australia and is now living in Kent.At least,it’s the same continent.
I missed him…. And Richard is away now as well.
Ben is coming shortly to look at the Paddock and bushes along the track,and to replace the sign that blew down in the high winds.We are fortunately too high to have been affected by the floods.I feel for those people on the Somerset Levels and similar places.
Here,the daffodils and crocuses are putting their heads above the parapet,so….Spring IS here…
Lots of clearing up after the building work for the conversion to do,so,I must away and show willing.

Easter week-end is already booked and the weeks and week-ends ahead are looking promising. Don’t forget everything that is happening close by as well as the fantastic walks…. the Walking Festival,Derbyshire Arts, Music festivals, Bakewell Show and carnival, the Tour de France thru Bakewell,the Derby Format Photography fest, the glorious country houses, the Well-dressings + LOTS more.
Don’t forget to book. Great prices( lower than last season ) to help you get away from your everyday worries.

Talk to you soon