What’s been happening ?

Haven’t written for a long time, sorry..
I have been ill, then I went to visit my eldest son Christopher and his wife Lainey in Abu Dhabi…..What an experience,. A holiday of a lifetime , truly.Going again in November.

I was baptised in July’15. Now…THAT was an experience !!!Baptised in the river in Bakewell !!!

Then crashed my car, so no longer driving. Great difficulties living in such an isolated place, but Community Transport is amazing….
Then had a cancer scare, but o.k.
Then crashed my car so no longer driving.Difficult because I live in a secluded area but, the Community Transport has proved invaluable….sooooo….

Lots of ups and downs with gardeners,…but Now, Peter is a mine of information, very knowledgeableve is and very able with handyman’s work and Steve is a gem.
THANK HEAVEN for Ben. He has been with me from the beginning, ( and before) and has been a life-saveer, many times

The Sanctuary p.s.,being booked by people from churches who need a relaxing and inspirational break..which is what the place is all about.

Come… relax and invigorate your soul…

Take care and stay safe,