Visit England inspection

.Hello, everyone ! What a day… fine drizzle…the ‘wetting’ kind..!

What’s been happening ?  Well we have had our annual inspection by the visitEngland team and …yes.. we have passed for ANOTHER year!  5 stars *****  for the 6th year in succession, ever since we opened…… maybe we are doing something right.

The MOST  IMPORTANT  and attractive thing about the  ‘ Secret ‘ is that there is ONLY 1 exclusive apartment . So there is only ever you and your party here.  No-one else. No-one to disturb you. No-one for miles around.. Bliss!!!

So, the Olympic Torch  passed thru’ Darley Dale and Chatsworth Park  and is wending it’s way down to London.

We have had 30th Birthday celebrations and are now expecting a 40th birthday. The guest is going on a Hot Air Balloon flight. Should be interesting. I understand , from some guests who flew in May, that it is quite magical flying over the Dales.

The carnivals, Wakes Weeks, Well-dressings, Music and Art Festivals in Buxton and Bakewell, are in full swing, providing entertainment for everyone’s tastes. Elton Beer Festival is on July 28th., if that is to your liking, and we still have vacancies before our 2nd group of guests arrive from Holland. And then onto the August Bank Holiday..

As for Ben and the gardener… well, this weather is driving them mad. Decide to mow and weed, and the heavens open, then the sun comes out and everything decides to grow rampant.   Ah well,  British Summer-time. Who would have it any other way..

Take care, stay safe and we will talk soon