New Year,hey,hey….

Hello everyone.
Well,Christmas has been and gone and now,we are on the threshold of a new year.Wonder what it will bring? It’s perhaps as well not to know sometimes,or maybe we would not cope.
Gosh,how maudling…. must be the time of the year. Last year was quite eventful with my eldest son going to live and work in Australia and things being difficult with the rest of the family.I realize that time is marching on. My brother, Glyn, is 81 this year,so that makes me OLD….But life is exciting and challenging, with new ventures on the horizon.
The conversion of my remaining barn is well under way and should be ready for the summer.
So,if you want to visit us with your dog,please contact me.
The night is cold and sharp.Excellent for partying the night away..My guests have arrived,and are sorting out where they are going to eat. The Peacock at Rowsley seems to be the favourite. Nice choice..
I am staying cosy and warm at home.Leave the partying to the youngsters.
So, good luck to all my friends and visitors for the New Year,and may it be a prosperous and may it bring everything you wish for yourself and yours..
God bless you all and see you on the other side.